New Tip
How to stake PHA Tutorial on Youtube by KryptosChain:
500 PHA
Twitter thread explaining the benefits of Phala:
200 PHA (autocompound script for miner and staking account)
1,400 PHA
banner image
Reclaim Spirit NFT - Community in Spanish
Bug fix on pruntime:
500 PHA
Tutorial to request Tips for the community in Spanish
200 PHA
bug remind
80 PHA
Bug fix on pruntime: (Khala/Phala SWM Rewards Autopayout tool)
2,000 PHA (20 articles translated about Phala Network and posted at Medium)
1,500 PHA
12 articles about PhalaWorld were translated into Russian and published at Medium and at Subcocial Also I were shared amongst Russian community in PhalaWorld Discord by the name infaceAi #5149
1,000 PHA
Developed a Rewards calculator and a Web Monitor for Solo miners:
1,500 PHA
Developed a Rewards calculator and a Web Monitor for Solo miners:
Found a bug with incorrect mining status
120 PHA
Contribution to Phala ecosystem: Opensourcing of ansible roles/playbooks for mining-pools:
2,000 PHA
Seeding for node data snapshot,
600 PHA
300 PHA
reward for producing content explaining Phala's use cases.
250 PHA
Tutorial in video and text article how to stake PHA on Phala App (details )
350 PHA
Reward for translation of two articles. More detail in Subsquare
300 PHA
Video showing an overview of a project Phala and how to participate a Crowdloan :
500 PHA
500 PHA
56 PHA
Add storage requirements for phala-blockchain to Wiki
16 PHA
Khala Watchdog (telegram bot for stakers / delegators)
750 PHA
90 PHA
Found root cause of prb issue:
150 PHA
Guess number upgrade:
35 PHA
Reimbursement Meetup Düsseldorf:
530 PHA
Phala will be a partner of EBC (European Blockchain Convention) virtual 2021, 12/13-16.
2,800 PHA
guess number upgrade:
Reimbursement for: Phala T-Shirts and Stickers for the Polkadot & Friends Picnic, Hyde Park (50-70pax) + Swagdrop to Thomas R.
560 PHA
solo-mining-scripts at node-separation
80 PHA
96 PHA
Update index.tsx #29
Compile the disscussion about orderbook Dex on Phala:
Additionnal Steps for WSL2
48 PHA
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