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reward for producing content explaining Phala's use cases.

With Polkadot's Crowndloan 13 approaching and the expectation that PHALA will win, many Brazilians have asked me what are the use cases for PHALA beyond the Metaverse. I wrote this article compiling some sample projects that have already been presented using Phala Network.
The article is written in Portuguese and shows in a very practical way how Phala can be used to change the way users store their data in the cloud.

The article also presents some PHALA projects that were selected in the Hackathon “Hello World! By Polkadot” 2020 edition and 2021 edition. The projects presented in the article are these: PhaPass , Personal Privacy, Tuna Ledger, Darkpool DEX, SecretMD, IPFS privacy.

At the end of the article I explain about crowndloan and leave a link to another article I wrote with a tutorial on how to participate in Phala's Crowndloan(https://bit.ly/3wxA7yk)

The article was highly praised in the official Polkadot community group in Brazil. At Medium he received praise in the comments.

Link to the article: https://medium.com/@giorgeabdala/os-casos-de-uso-de-phala-bc011154429a


Giorge Abdala
Graduated in IT from UFPR, with a postgraduate degree in Marketing Management and an MBA in Financial Markets. He is an active member of the Brazilian DotSama community, software developer, passionate about the Polkadot ecosystem, Kusama and their parachains. He produces original content on Medium Blog PolkaMix and translates content not yet translated into Portuguese about the DotSama world in general.

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excellent article! One of the best I've read in Portuguese


Thank you! Tip sent