Phala at HongKong Blockchain Week - treasury proposal #70

Call hx: 0x2e5da25e0cf8685d9b16cb20dc2b58a92d558e5f963444bdb7dba316cefc73be
Date: 10/4-16/4, 2023
Requested allocation: 2050.17 USD = 14,230 PHA ( $0.1441, 7 days avg price in CMC)

Overview Of the Events

Web 3 Festival - main event

As one of the biggest Asia blockchain conferences,Web3 Festival is hosted by Wanxiang Blockchain Labs and HashKey Group each year in Shanghai until 2022. In 2023, it moved to HongKong for legal reasons. As the first large-scale (4 days) offline event held in China after Covid-19, this event has gathered a large number of blockchain practitioners and enthusiasts from home and abroad.

We got a chance to share our brochures during the events. We’re invited by the host but we didn’t sponsor this event.

Polkadot HongKong Workshop

PolkaWorld host a workshop for Polkadot during the HongKong crypto Week on April 11th. Ruby from Phala Network and the other 25 parachains participants join the event discussion. 100+ attendees attended this event to show their interest in Polkadot.

Asia crypto week side events

There were 160+ side events happen during the whole blockchain week. These events attracted blockchain experts, scholars, and entrepreneurs from all over the world, who shared the latest developments and achievements in blockchain technology. It showed us the passion for blockchain in Asia after opening up.

The week-long blockchain event included keynote speeches, roundtable discussions, project roadshows, and other sessions. During the event, participating guests will engage in in-depth exchanges on topics such as blockchain technology innovation, industry applications, investment and financing, and local policies and regulations in Hong Kong.

You can reviewed the whole list here or scan the QR code to learn more about

Expense in HongKong

The costs here include airfare, hotel, and transportation for Phala team members. Details in the table below.

1 PHA = 0.1441 USD based on the 7-day average price on CMC.

Expenses List
Item USD
Flight 532.85
Hotel 1198.62
Brochure 87.21
Roll up 25.61
Transportation 203.7
VISA 2.18
Total 2050.17
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