Phala Builders Program funds - via Child Bounty distribution

Proposal purpose:
The purpose of this proposal is to grow the Phala brand through continued developer relations. The requested funds will be specifically used to provide funding for builders in the Phala Network ecosystem who bring Phat Contract development forward through standardized development.
Which is crucial to enhancing Phala’s brand and invoking the support of developers that want to build on Phala Network.
This proposal shall allow the bounty proposers to act as child-bounty curators for submissions to the Phala’s builders program. Overall we aim to allow successful applicants and builders from the Phala Builders Program to become rewarded faster and on a regular basis.

With the upcoming launch of Phat Contracts and to support the growth of Phala’s killer product, the Phala team has launched the Phala Builders Program (PBP). This program provides funding, guidance, and support to developers that want to build high-value projects with Phat Contract, and add functionality to Phat Contract itself.
The Phala Builders program was officially launched early February this year and is currently running within the application progress.
Since program launch, the BP team has received over 10 applications so far whereof already 2 applications have moved to the second phase of review.
The PBP offers funding to developers in up to 50k$ USD value in PHA token, paid out on-chain at agreed-upon intervals dictated by the Builder Agreement.

Besides the funding, teams will also receive technical assistance from lead Phat Contract developers during the design, testing, and deployment phases of project development.

Thirdly, marketing and network support can be requested. With this support, Phala can promote PBP projects through its own channels and within the Phala community.

Overall, a treasury funding of 1 million dollars in PHA tokens is requested, which can support a maximum of up to 20 projects with the highest funding amount of 50kUSD. The bounty for this proposal is meant to be open-ended, with the funds being distributed through child-bounties aiming to reward builders' submissions and achievements of milestones in the Phala Builders Program.

All funds are being distributed directly to the applicants of the builders program. Applicants are eligible to receive funds, if they fall under following description:

Builders that want to build impossible Dapps
Within the builders program we want to support teams and individuals that are eager to push the limits of what smart contracts are capable of by incorporating an off-chain computation solution that utilizes a self-executing and tamper-proof model.
Teams and individuals that care about decentralization
We want to facilitate passionate builders that care about the need for decentralized web services and user-controlled digital infrastructure.
Developers that care about scalable trustless infrastructure
Teams and individuals which seek a computation solution that can handle any level of compute demand, and perform computation securely, privately, and trustlessly are necessary to expand the overall Phala Network ecosystem.

Guidelines for Potential Applicants:
The Phala Builders Program supports high-quality teams that have a solid understanding of the Phat Contract platform and a clear vision of how they will utilize Phat Contract within their project. Projects that come into the application process with a MVP or some level of existing development with Phat Contract are more likely to be successful in securing funding.

What we look for:
Compelling Teams
Teams with strong technical backgrounds that have a clear vision for their project, including a growth strategy and structured plan of development.
Innovative Ideas
As Phat Contract represents a new tool in the kit of Web3 developers, we’re looking to support projects that seek to push the envelope of what can be built on blockchain. We want to support new ideas that add something novel to the space.
Contributions to Phat Contract tooling
As Phat Contract is a highly composable developer resource, we value teams that seek to build out new tooling and primitives within the SDK.

Application process for child-bounty implementers
Applicants who receive funding through this bounty need to:

Funding Levels:
Tier One
Maximum Value: $20,000 USD value paid in PHA
Criteria: Development of a compelling project involving significant usage of Phat Contract.

Tier Two
Maximum Value: $50,000 USD value paid in PHA
Criteria: Development of a compelling project or projects involving significant usage of Phat Contract, and the development of new tooling for Phat Contract.

Suggestions for this bounty:
The proposal for the initial composition of the multisig, e.g. the curators, are four team members of Hashforest. The signatories of the general curator from Hashforest won’t receive any rewards.
We propose following Bounty Curators:
Marvin Tong, CEO of Hashforest and Co-founder of Phala Network
Hang Yin, CTO of Hashforest and Co-founder of Phala Network
Dr. Shelven Zhou, Lead Researcher and Partner at Hashforest and for Phala Network
Zoé Meckbach, VP of Growth at Phala Network and Partner at Hashforest
3 out of 4 yay votes are necessary for a child-bounty to get released.

The curators responsibilities:
General bounty curators will report back to council and create a report after every 3 months. This report will include the maximum PHA budget spent during the last three months. The post will be published in Phala’s forum.

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