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Phala has attended EthDenver 2023, the biggest Ethereum community event. The conference happened from February 27th to March 5th.
The Phala team on the ground attended following events:
EthDenver BUIDL week 2/27 - 3/2
Several events to meet partners, new users and potential Dapp builders
2 speaking engagements at Polkadot events
EthDenver main conference 3/2 - 3/5
2 day Phala booth

pictures of the whole conference tour can be found here:

EthDenver BUIDL week 2/27 - 3/2

The Phala team had two speaking engagements at Polkadot events during the BUIDL week.
Phala’s CTO Hang Yin and friends from Manta Network and Crust Network got into a deep discussion about "Compute, Storage, and Privacy as a service that can be combined to build a fully functional cloud while keeping it decentralized.” The event and panel was hosted by the Parity team. It was an overall success to showcase Phala’s technological capabilities and discuss joint use cases with other parachain panelists.

Also Joshua Waller, Phala’s Developer Advocate was invited to speak at a Polkadot community event, organized by WebZero. Joshua delivered a powerful keynote on what’s next for Phat Contract at the Polkadot in USe event.

Our VP of Growth Zoé Meckbach and Global Head Ambassador of Polkadot moderated an insightful panel on the topic “Infrastructure and tooling for Web3” including an in-depth discussion on multi-party oracle aggregation for price feeds on Polkadot. The panel was joined by ecosystem teams SubQuery, Acurast and DIA.

EthDenver main conference March 2nd - March 5th:
The Phala team had a presence during the main conference with its own booth in the Polkadot Pavillion on March 2nd and March 4th. Overall many people came by the booth to learn about Phala Network and also have a look at the oracle demo.

Another highlight was that Rob Habermeier, co-founder of Polkadot, took some time to talk to the Phala team and learn about the upcoming Phat Contract release.

Key takeaways:
The Phala team met with a wide array of collaborators, partners, and ecosystem leaders at the conference, and made many new connections with industry-defining projects.

Off-Chain Compute is Picking Up Steam, which we have seen by announcements of several exciting off-chain infrastructure products. Including Chainlink Functions, and Gelato’s Web3 Functions.

The announcement of EIP-4337 had the conference buzzing about the amazing possibilities account abstraction opens up for UX improvements in crypto.
Phala can make Account Abstraction easier and more secure since the infrastructure to implement AA is heavily built off-chain. Phala offers verifiable off-chain compute

Zero Knowledge and Web3 UX were Hot Topics. Overall, ZKP became much more mature and a topic beyond privacy, e.g. people started to use ZKP to make off-chain compute verifiable. That said, ZKP and Secure Enclave tech are naturally complementary to each other.

Hang met with cybersecurity expert Andrew Miller to discuss best practices for TEE networks. Phala's unique design makes off-chain computation easy and verifiable
So we will explore how Phala can accelerate the evolution of Web3 industry

Expenses during the listed events
The reimbursement budget for all the listed events is the following:

Dates: February 27th - March 6th, 2023
Team members: 6 people: Hang Yin, Zhe Wang, Joshua Waller, Zoé Meckbach, Jojo Zhou, Stuart Brown
1 PHA = EMA30 of 3/27 by 0.159 USD

item, Costs in USD (sum), PHA

Flights: 3,225 USD (6 ppl) = 20,283 PHA
Hotel: 6,003 USD (6 ppl) = 37,755 PHA
Swag: 1,909 USD (Reward) = 12,006
Others: 1,977 USD = 12,434
= Sum = 13,114 USD = 82,478 PHA

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