OLD - Phala / Khala pools management telegram bot - Phala app 2.0

Note: please use / vote this proposal: https://khala.subsquare.io/treasury/proposal/61

As Phala members and ambassadors for the Italian community, we have noticed the
absence of a telegram bot that can monitor the performance of a staking pool and/or
vault, especially regarding APY / APR stats (phala v2.0 app version).

We’re aware of the existence of the 100k and Kye TG BOTs, but they present
some problems:

We have already made a bot for our staking pool, available here @TopoFulmineBot but
it offers information mainly about our specific pool. This bot is currently working in the
Phala Italian channel.
Therefore, we plan to propose the development of a telegram bot that can be used by
the entire Phala community that can handle the following features:

1. Provide general statistics on Phala / Khala such as:
• Staking total value
• Stake ratio
• Token price
• Token Marketcap

2. Monitor a single pool or vault with statistics such as:
• APR (compared with AVG APR)
• Commission
• Cap
• Active Workers
• Free Stake

3. Private notifications (TG)
• Pool offline
• Problems with the pool

This bot could be integrated into Phala International's main channel (TG) and used
privately by each user to get informations about their pool delegation over time.

Data source provider:
Global and specific pool staking data:

  • Phala GraphQL API (https://squid.subsquid.io/phala-computation/graphql), the same
    used by Phala app
    Phala tokenomics parameters (for the APR calculation):
  • Directly from the blockchain, using the Polkadot API for Node.js
    Phala price, market cap, circulating supply and price data for trends:
  • Coingecko API

Development timeline:
Milestone 1: 10 days for tasks 1 and 2.
Milestone 2: +5 days for the addition of the notification system

Funding proposal:
We’re Phala/Khala holders, we participated in the very first testnet, CL and others
initiatives (like PW). We have a pool, and in terms of evaluating the activity we would
like to make it clear that we are doing this solely to provide a service to the
community and not to profit from this activity.

Therefore, we are only asking for reimbursement of costs related to:

  • Bot development
  • Management of the bot during its lifetime
  • Reimbursement of costs related to the VPS, 1 year rent VPS / Host from Contabo,
    tier Cloud VPS, at 10€ / month (VAT included) + setup fees. Total cost: 120€ / year
    We therefore propose 10k PHA as reimbursement for this activity. The release of these
    funds could be contingent on the release of the various project milestones and most
    importantly the same could have vesting (for one year for example).

Economics proposal:
Telegram BOT development 9.500 $PHA
BOT management – community support – new features 1.200 $PHA
VPS Rent (for 1 / year) 800 $PHA
Total economics proposal 11.5k $PHA

Note: after first year we can generate a new proposal only for server maintenance, no
other cost will be due

Proposed by:
@overmarck – Phala/Khala Italian Ambassador – anovernode.top
@lmzhlmzh – Dev, hacker, Phala/Khala early adopter

Note: please use / vote this proposal: https://khala.subsquare.io/treasury/proposal/61

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I only want to clearify that my watchdog actually work. I don't see any issue related to it.
Access point is here https://khala.100k.dev/watchdog

Voting AYE as I think it is good to have more options for tracking issues.

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@phala.100k.dev I agree with you and want to clarify this point, there was a misunderstanding. Your webapp works great and is very useful to the Phala community (thanks).
However, what we wanted to highlight is that it isn't a standalone bot that can be managed directly and completely from telegram, even to be placed within groups.
What we want to create is an additional method to stay up-to-date on key metrics for proxies, which is handled entirely via telegram and also shows APYs/APRs, without having to interact with any web pages.

Thank you for your clarification and support! I edited the message for accuracy

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