Gamerhash - bring more users to the Phala Network Ecosystem

Requested: 33,333 PHA
Idea: Phala and Gamerhash ecosystems combined, is a platform where >700.000 gamers mine crypto. We are like earning screen saver which is now becoming web3 one-stop-shop for gamers (inc. marketplace, mining, NFT marketplace, guild, etc etc). We transform web2 gamers to web3 - smth that everyone speaks about, but nobody knows how. We are fully operational project with 35ppl out of Poland. Currently we are transforming into Guild - will be the biggest from day1 with web2 gamers - we will challenge YieldGuild, UNIX & Merit. We are strategic partners of The Sandbox.
Currently, we are using our users' computing power to mine crypto, but we are aware that we can use this power in many different ways and there are ways where Gamerhash and Phala can meet.

Stage 1 - What can we offer? Phala coin as a payment method.
Phala coin based on Ethereum network can be easily integrated in Gamerhash marketplace where everyday over 700k users buy prepaid cards (Netflix, Paysafecard, Amazon, etc.), games and other products. We can do that without any fees for Phala. There is much more to do.

Stage 2 - How to use Gamerhash computing power in the Phala ecosystem? Let’s research it.
Phala probably would like to support its ecosystem with as many verified workers as possible. Gamerhash is able to deliver over 1000 active workers (most of them Linux workers). We already did some research about the potential integration, if you would be interested we will be happy to spend more time to prepare a more precise plan for the integration and bring more users to Phala’s table.

Stage 3 - Computing power and AI picture generation
It is not the main topic of the research, but it is really fascinating for both ecosystems Gamerhash and Phala. We know that we are able to use the user's computing power for the AI picture generation. People with better workers would be able to generate AI pictures for other people with lower parameters and charge fees for that. We would like to verify that approach on a bigger scale and adjust it to both projects.

Gamerhash plans to use 2 experienced developers for the research part. The full research will take up to 10 working days. Results will be presented in the form of the documentation ready to be developed.
Phala coin will be added to our marketplace as form of the payments within 10 working days as well.

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Hi Gamerhash team,

Thanks for sharing such interesting ideas.
Before voting "Aye", in the general process, we need to do some research on your proposal. As a presenter to Khala Council, I would love to follow up with a further discussion about Stage 2&3, these stages look like they could benefit the Phala community the most.

Could you leave an Email or contacts that we can follow up with? I'll also invite our growth council member Zoe together for the ideas.

Thank you!

Up 1

Good to hear that these ideas sound interesting to you! I think that the best way to start would be to contact each other via Linkedin: . Then we can move with the communication somewhere else.

Thank you guys and happy to talk soon!


@44Z8...eJYb I have reached out via LinkedIn. Please get in touch with me there.


Wow... Nice Proposal. I would vote YES x 2 or 3 enactment for this. Please apply it soon as you can. Nice Partnership..