Spending Proposal: Phala community bounty - Feb. 2022 - treasury proposal #4

Proponent: 3zfavDwAsV83TGCDYko4gs3uYPQq4fuS8mcy5BtFqjzyPes8
Time: Feb 2022
Requested allocation: 80,000 PHA

Overview Of The Bounty

Hello Pham,

I am Lucia, the core contributor to the Phala Network community from the Phala team. I am here to apply for the new round of bounty from Khala Treasury to further build the Phala community.

The Phala community focused on expanding a global community in the second half of the year. This bounty is used to cover community spending from July 2021 to December 2021, including community activity rewards, community contributor rewards, community mods rewards, developer rewards. To increase community activity and transparency, we have held a number of community events, such as online AMA, monthly community meetings, local offline meetings, and technology sharing sessions. At the same time, to condense outstanding members, we have held several internal ambassador meetings.

Problem Statement:

  1. Discover outstanding contributors in the community and give them generous rewards to encourage everyone to continue to make outstanding contributions to the community.
  2. Incentives for event/activity participants of Phala community activities. During the expansion of the Phala community, all kinds of community activities will be organized to activate the community participation and improve community engagement.
  3. Expand the size of the developer community, increase developer engagement.
  4. Make community peripherals to shape a unique community culture.

Proposal Objective/solution:


  • 3000 PHA/week bounties are distributed to active community managers and ambassadors every week. Total 54000 PHA.
  • 10000 PHA are rewarded to community educators who produce educational materials such as videos, articles, and pictures.
  • 2000 PHA are for production peripheral cost. Peripherals were awarded to community fans.
  • 14000 PHA are used for event (online event and offline event)


  • Milestone 1: Establish a regular community call mechanism
  • Milestone 2: Expand the developer community
  • Milestone 3: Gradually shift the focus of community operations to Discord

Milestone report

Panorama of Phala community 2021.


Milestone 1

We held a total of 6 community meetings and 2 ambassador calls, during which team members synchronized the latest progress of the project for the community and responded to the topics that community members care about most.

Record of all community calls: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdAYriWvzwzrwUfA1aZfvjcNTgAg7TNka

Milestone 2

Phala held 5 online tech calls, mainly hosted by Phala lead devs Dr.Shelven and Hang, they gave explanations of Phala’s key technical, like fat contract, TEE, Mining design etc. for users who are interested in technology, and attract more developers join the phala dev community

Record of all tech calls: https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLdAYriWvzwzrIwD4CKVCcvFEzNoDLFsRV

Phala conducted a dev hackathon with Polkadot Encode Club. Total of 12 qualified challengers got $6825 rewards from Phala. With a total of 17 works, of which 12 developers achieved excellent results and received awards. 4 developers did a great job with the advanced challenge, here's a review of their entries: ​​https://medium.com/phala-network/a-deep-dive-in-phala-confidential-world-more-creativity-and-broader-scope-of-applications-e8cc9486eed7

In addition, we also received some self-developed tools from community members, such as wiki fixes, mining monitoring tools etc., a total of 9 such contributions.


Milestone 3

Phala Discord gained a total of 5,000 users, an increase of 38% compared to the first half of the year. On average, each user sends 25 messages per day, 30% of new users have been active in the server. A total of 80 external servers have followed Phala's announcement channel. According to the different contributions, we define a variety of roles in the server, such as ambassadors, watchmen, big brains, phanatic, etc., only when a user performs a specific behavior can he obtain the corresponding identity. The purpose of this is to better distinguish users who contribute differently and show their identities to the entire community

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