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Phala at Polkadot Decoded 2022 - Spending Proposal #36
1mo ago

Call hx: 0x45e83e389d0b01e2f1a04197d7dece33be977bc7201ee80c077bd2b08fcfc76b
Date: June29-30, 2022
Requested allocation: 151,756.6 PHA ($19420.3), average reference price in seven days according to coingecko.

Overview Of the Event

What is Polkadot Decoded 2022?

Polkadot Decoded returned for its third edition on June 29th and 30th, 2022, with a full hybrid experience of online and in-person events.
Delegates attended conferences in Berlin, Buenos Aires, Hangzhou, and New York, or visited community-led events worldwide.


Thanks to the great support and voting from Phala community, Phala had two talks on June 29th afternoon on the Hangzhou main stage and had booths in HangZhou and Buenos Aires. Core team members Marvin, Jojo and Joshua also participated in NYC one.

Decoded HangZhou


πŸŽ™οΈ Talk 01

Topic: Enable HTTP Requests in Ink! Contract with Chain Extension
Speaker: Dr. Shelven Zhou, lead researcher of Phala Network


πŸŽ™οΈ Talk 02

Topic: The Web3 Infrastructure beyond Smart Contract β€” Send HTTPs requests in Fat Contract
Speaker: Hang Yin, lead researcher of Phala Network


Phala also co-host side event in Seoul, Hangzhou and Berlin which you can check in the decoded
Besides the tech talks, Phala will also host and co-host some fun side-events with leisure, food, and music in different cities.

πŸ‡ΊπŸ‡Έ New York β€” Polkadot Decoded Opening Party
7:00 PMβ€” 12:00 AM MDT, , June 28th- June 29th

πŸ‡°πŸ‡· Seoul β€” Crypto/Web3 Builders Night β€” Polkadot Decoded 2022 Opening Party
7:00 PM β€” 11:30 PM KST, June 28th

πŸ‡©πŸ‡ͺ Berlin β€” Polkadot Decoded Opening Party
7:00 PM β€” 12:00 AM CEST, June 28th-Jun 29th

Hangzhou β€” Polkadot Decoded Parachain After-party
7:00 PM β€” 12:00 AM SGT, June 30th- July 1st

What have we achieved in Polkadot decoded?

We met a lot of web3 enthusiasts at the event, many of whom were college students. We were very happy to introduce phala and phalaworld to them, and to meet many potential partners.

But unfortunately, we didn't see many people at the Hangzhou event who had a deep understanding of Boka, but they were happy to see such a successful event. Next year, we plan to attend Berlin or USA decoded 2023 if no covid happen.

Expenses during Polkadot decoded

Date:6/27-7/1, 2022 (costs including expenses during Polkadot decoded 2022).
Marvin, Jojo, Joshua who attended NYC decoded.
Hang, Shelven, Ruby attended Hangzhou decoded.
Zoe helped in Berlin decoded.
Spain ambassadors helped in Buenos Aires.

The expenses included all members’ tour expenses. Since the Buenos Aires and Seoul one has been reimbursed by treasure before, here only included Hangzhou and NYC one.

1 PHA = 0.128 USD based on the 7-day average price on Coingekco.

Item Fee PHA
Flight 15224.72243 $118,970.67921
Transportation 135.9718949 $1,062.52635
Accommodation 1256.431732 $9,818.14527
Souvenirs 2803.22453 $21,905.26151
Total 19420.35059 $151,756.61233
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