Spending Proposal: Phala community bounty - April. 2022 - treasury proposal #14

Proponent: 3zfavDwAsV83TGCDYko4gs3uYPQq4fuS8mcy5BtFqjzyPes8

Date: April, 2022

Requested allocation: 100,000 PHA

Short description:

The purpose of applying for this bounty is to expand the Phala global community, establishing a community of Phala enthusiasts and developing Phala Ambassadors and Senior Ambassadors. This bounty will be used to reward outstanding contributors in the Phala community, such as community moderators, community contributors, ambassadors, etc. At the same time, this bounty will also be used as a bonus for Phala community activities to reward users who participate actively.

Overview Of The Bounty

Hello Phamily, I am Rhee, a core contributor to the Phala Network community as a Community Lead. I am here to apply for a bounty from Khala Treasury to further build the Phala community.

In 2022, Phala has acheived so many milestones in short period of time and has gained a very wide range of community recognition and support. With the development of Phala globally, we believe that we have expanded our community very well in English, Chinese, Russian, Italian, French, Spanish and Korean speaking countries. We currently have lots of active and responsible community admins in those countries. They also have spent a lot of time and energy in the process of maintaining the community. I believe they are more than eligible for token rewards by being as the representatives for the regional communities.

Problem Statement:

This bounty will solve the problem of lack of motivation of certain community contributors:

1. Incentives for Phala Senior/Ambassadors

The rapid development and growth of the Phala community requires a large number of admins and mods to participate in daily operations. These contributors have invested a lot of time and energy to help maintain the community such as answering questions of community members and participate in Phala education. Their actions contribute to the positive development of the Phala community and are worthy of token incentives. Also, token incentives may attract more outstanding admins to join, allowing the Phala community to expand faster (although we need more true builders who actually can purely contribute without expecting too much with the considerations).

2. Incentives for Phala community contributors

Some community members have produced high-quality educational materials, such as mining tutorials, educational videos, and have submitted complete programming works to help other community members. These members made the technical materials of Phala so that lowered down the barrier to enter Phala ecosystem. Thus, they deserve the token incentive as well.

3. Incentives for event/activity participants of Phala community activities

During the expansion of the Phala community, all kinds of community activities will be organized to activate the community participation and improve community engagement. There are many outstanding participants during the activities. They are deeply involved in the activities and completed the activity tasks with high quality, which is worthy of incentive motivation. At the same time, we will find community loyalists during different activities and provide them with more rewards.

4. Incentives for contributors of the miner community

In Phala mining mechanism, there are many friendly contributors who are willing to guide new users to deploy their first mining machine, answer user questions in the community, write mining machine tutorials, and share useful resources. They are worthy of incentives.

Proposal Objective/solution/s to problem:

The purpose of this bounty is to grow the Phala community, expand the influence of Phala on a global scale, and further develop the Phala ambassador organization. And we just started a new Ambassador system by creating a new role, called "Senior Ambassadors". This system is still in Beta-phase, which mean it may be flexibly switched back to the original ambassador system, but here are the budget and tasks for Seniors. (Please note that "normal ambassadors" are no longer eligible for contribution rewards, but only Seniors can get these rewards as a captain representing his/her regional community.)


  • Maximum 2000$ worth of PHA/month bounties are distributed to active Senior Ambassadors every month. (There are 6 Senior Ambassadors currently, will expand to maximum 10 members by the end of June)
  • Maximum 2,000$ worth of PHA are rewarded to community educators/developers who produce educational materials/tools for community use.


- Milestone 1 - Grow number of Ambassadors to 40+ people
Total cost: 80,000 PHA

- Milestone 2 - Growth to 50,000 community users
Total cost: 20,000 PHA

Milestone report

Milstone 1 report:

  • Phala has established a global community of more than 45,500 people. Including Telegram group of 40,000+ users and Discord group of around 5,500 users (Although it has been decreased more than 10k members comparing to Q1, but we are instantly banning all throw-away accounts or spammers throughout our communities)

  • It is mandatory for all Senior Ambassadors to have at least 2-3 regional ambassadors as crew members so that they can form a team to accomplish the monthly tasks: 1) Do at least 1 AMA with other local community every month / 2) 2 twitter postings per week / 3) 1 medium article translation per week / 4) Be active on both local/English Main Community Channels / 5) create educational contents or organize/support an offline event as supplementary tasks.
  • Few selected ambassadors (by the Senior Ambassadors) will be promoted to the next batch of Senior Group and will also need to bring at least 2-3 regional ambassadors being as the crews.
  • There are 32 active Senior/Ambassadors responsible for the management of English, Spanish, French, Italian, German, Bengali, Vietnamese, Persian, Korean, and Chinese communities nowadays.

Senior/Ambassadors List:
English group: Cappex, Jaime Flores, Hoang Nguyen, Sirash S S
Spanish group: Jaime Flores
French group: Alexandre Baciu, Kbconsulting45, Tioneb44, Redofre
Italian group: MC (overmarck), zaketac, Cappex, Darknight, pigro85
German group: Salih Iyigül, GatorKorps, Serhat, Marco (Sequaja)
Korean group: RHEE, Kyle, Sonji
Persian group: Amir
Chinese group: Wuti, LSVT, Newsletter, Dishi, Zhangyang, Biezuo meng, Sanqi, Sure, Wuzhe

Ambassador contributions in March:

Milestone 2 report:

In Q2, #endgame for solo-miners will come to the end, Phala World will be launched, SubBridge will have more cross-asset bridges to be opened, new mining scripts along with Phala Mainnet will be released, more applicants will join our Fat Contract ecosystem to create more use-cases, and etc,.

In other words, we will need a plenty of educational contents need to be prepared, so huge bounties are awaiting to be given out for anyone who can contribute with these well-made contents creations. We already have two community members who contributed with developing handy monitoring tools in April, and here are the demos:

  • Phala Telegram Bot for Solo-miners/Delegators: https://t.me/phala_stat_bot

  • Phala Discord Bot for Solo-miners/Delegators: made by l00k#1990

And here are some great example of Educational Contents:


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