User-related data analytics tool for Khala ๐Ÿ“Š๐Ÿ“ˆ

Hi Team,

Due to current bear market situation we decided at Tokenguard to focus on providing on-chain user related data analytics tool and developing useful features for L1 blockchains and L2 protocols based on Substrate and EVM ecosystems. The main goal is to increase protocol revenues, grow user base and understand user flows to make better business decisions ๐Ÿš€

Web3 creators still donโ€™t have a tool delivering the most important data to them โ€“ user data insights ๐Ÿ“Š They canโ€™t understand user acquisition/conversion paths and are losing money, because they canโ€™t either measure and increase users' engagement or monitor the efficiency of marketing activities ๐Ÿ“ˆ

At the same time protocol creators canโ€™t access the data they need, hence theyโ€™re either enforced to spend $ to create backend tools for tracking user data or have to use numerous tools to find basic user insights (Subscan, Dune Analytics, Etherscan).

We can propose delivering data analytics tool for Khala community, which would consist of the following features:

  • no-code and no-SQL dashboard with user data analytics insights
  • user groups analysis over time
  • users behavior on-chain (staking, whale wallets analysis, user engagement over time)
  • user sources tracking
  • transactions analysis over time
  • alerting & monitoring
  • RAW data access
  • Data Analyst consultations
  • sharing and embedding dashboards on the website
  • custom fields and charts

Check this out here

We're happy to deliver fully customizable on-chain data analytics tool for Khala community based on custom metrics, which you consider as crucial for community growth ๐Ÿ”ฅ

Pricing plan:
We charge a one-time implementation fee, which covers all our infrastructure costs, including indexing and storing data, updating indexer, dashboard development as well as custom metrics implementation for the community. One-time implementation fee depends on the amount of data on a specific blockchain.

After dashboard implementation process is finished, we have three different options to choose for DAO community:

Public with read-only access to view dashboard/metrics (free of charge)
Community with access to our platform by login to unlimited number of users, eligibility to create custom charts and exporting data reports into CSV/PDF files (free of charge)
Professional with alerting & monitoring feature enabled, delivering chart data as webhooks and data analyst consultations

Tokenguard 2023 Roadmap

Q1 2023:
initial app release
settlement of core partnerships among Substrate community (Subsquid, DOT Validators Alliance, Zeitgeist, Aleph Zero, Reef etc)
onboarding 10 chains to the platform with basic on chain metrics
creating community dashboards from existing charts

Q2 2023:
expanding partnerships among Substrate community focusing around biggest players
staking analytics
L2 token analytics metrics
creating community charts and dashboards from data models
onboarding 10 chains to the platform (totalling 20 supported chains)
monitoring and alerting subscriptions

Q3 2023:
fine-tuning offered data models for flawless cross-platform comparisons of key metrics
introduction of source-segment-conversion user-friendly metrics builder

Q4 2023:
self-onboarding of new substrate chains
expanding beyond Substrate ecosystem (target platform TBD)


As our analytics tool is fully customizable and flexible, we can modify it based on Khala community needs. We can add e.g. user segments, allow you to create your own charts, share them with the community to discuss some insights internally or show it on your social media to attract more users to the Khala community. You can also set up alerts for specific metrics, which you consider as the most important for community growth and get notifications via mail or Telegram/Discord channels.

Below you can find exemplary use cases for different target groups:

Web3 creators/team/validators

  • You are able to create user segments based on their characteristics (account creation date, wallet size, activity frequency, source) to further analyze these segments in terms of on-chain behavior and conversions
  • Customize the dashboard visually
  • Set up monitoring & alerts for important on-chain events or security related measures
  • You are able to share some specific metrics & dashboards to your community to make them more engaged
  • Access more complex data, even SQL-based if you need to dig deeper into your protocol

Please check dashboard created for Aleph Zero validators here

Community members

  • Create custom user dashboards to attract community's attention to some important metrics to start discussion on specific topic
  • Create new charts based on predefined metrics that are easy to understand and comparable between different web3 projects. You can adjust these metrics to be well described so that you can easily understand them and put them into a chart
  • You are able to add new metrics to charts so that you can create interesting comparisons of data between protocols and discover new insights from your protocol.
  • Visualize the charts the way you want. Users can choose from a selection of pre-existing backgrounds or select a transparent background and then download the dashboard.
  • Select pre-created charts from different chains & add them to the dashboard. Afterwards, you can share this dashboard with your friends or colleagues