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I have been invovled with Khala/Phala since launch and have been staking with 100k since he started. I am a security specialist with 20 years at MSFT, Co-founder of ConsenSys Diligence, Founder of MythX, and currently Cheif Strategy Officer at Runtime Verification, one of the top security firms in the space. My first crypto transaction was in Dec 2013.

As our web 3 world gets more complex, I believe that there is a need for an individual to create and propose a stategy, taxonomy and plan for all of the various security related activities and requirements, not only in smart or phat contracts but throughout the system. I would like to provide this role and vision for the community.

These are the types of projects that need to be thought through, planned, budgeted for and exectuted:

  • where exactly do you need security, how are you doing audits, and with who?
  • what level of security is needed for each piece of the system - should you do full formal verification, formally model your specifications? With who?
  • can Phala create their own certification system and levels?
  • what kinds of new monitors are needed for staking providers? What triggers are needed?
  • how are contracts or projects monitored live after deployment? Is there a kill switch?
  • should you do anything with the community? Bug bounties are still great.
  • once the contract properties are worked out and the invariants hold true with automated tests, what then?
  • what kinds of test cases are manual, and automated?
  • what if you change a feature or upgrade a contract?
  • what can you leverage from PolkaDot?

These are things I think about all day and would love to make it specific to Khala/Phala network.

Thanks for your time.


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