SubSquare khala treasury proposal

SubSquare is a governance platform designed for substrate based blockchains. We have implemented subsquare for khala since Oct 2021, and request treasury support to fund the basic setup and maintenance.

General Request details and service

Generally our fund request include following items:

  • Basic setup fee, $10k.
  • Monthly maintenance fee $500 - $1000, including the server fee and labor fee for maintenance.
  • Customization fee which depends on the customized feature request from projects.

Services we provide:

  1. Basic setup of subsquare to support governance business.
  2. Future common feature improvement and enhancement.
  3. Bug fix and maintenance.

We will not request funds for common future features, while they may be covered by a monthly maintenance fee. Future futures include:

  • Post for motions.
  • Chain interaction like tipping, voting, etc.
  • OpenSquare other collaboration tools like off-chain voting integration.
  • DID login.
  • i18n support.

Request for khala

Khala gave much early support for subsquare, and opensquare has a partnership with phala, we will request less than the usual fees. We take 20% discount off from the basic setup fee and request the lowest monthly maintenance fee for the first 3 monthes from 12.2021 to 02.2022, while maintenance from 10.2021 to 11.2021 will be free.

Detailed request table:

Items discount Cost
Basic setup 20% $8,000
Monthly maintenance 12.2021 - 02.2022 $1,500
Total $9,500

We may request future maintenance fee quarterly or biannually, depends on collaboratin between Khala and OpenSquare.

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Thank you very much, looking forward to the official spending proposal.


@jonas Greeting, it's under approve voting now.


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