Thibaut Gautier / Registrar Application - public proposal #15

Dear Phamily

Allow me to introduce myself. Hi! I'm Thibaut, a French software developer with a background in Java and Ethereum security. I've got over 7 years of development under my wing and today, I come to you to present my registrar application. (view for my OS projects)

I first heard about Phala at the Paris Blockchain Summit, in which I met several Ambassadors and the legend Marvin himself. Since then, I have become a stake pool provider (#2028).

The reasons backing my decision to apply as a registrar are quite simple:

  • I firmly believe in Phala's potential to expand, and such cannot be due without contribution to the community. Henceforth, I wish to do my part and assist the team in any way I physically can.
  • I advocate for privacy over security. I firmly believe Registrars should be authenticated in a fashion which is sensitive to data, albeit without compromising the privacy wish of one.
  • I'm trilingual (French, English, Spanish), based in Europe and hopefully quadrilingual in the years to come (currently learning Mandarin). France is a striving country for the crypto-sphere, and the absolute lack of knowledge regarding Polkadot has strongly marked me. I wish to be a leading actor in solving this problem.

If there are any rising concerns or wishes to communicate to me, here are my socials to get in touch:

  • Telegram: @terminalsin
  • Discord: Ghast#0001
  • Matrix:
  • Email:

I look forward to the Council's response to this proposal,

  • Thibaut Gautier

Temporary document highlighting the methodology for how I will execute my judgements:

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Pretty clear plan, glad to see there are more verification process in Khala

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@Marvin Thank you!


Generally excellent proposal! I do have a few questions:

  1. Is the domain requirement too strict in "Reasonable" level? I think it's reasonable to get fully verified without any internet domain (and thus, should be better than "low-quality").
  2. Will you commit a response time? For example, 48 hours or 72 hours.
  3. How much verification fee will you take?
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@Hang Thank you for your comment!

Is the domain requirement too strict in "Reasonable" level? I think it's reasonable to get fully verified without any internet domain (and thus, should be better than "low-quality").

That's quite true. Perhaps this requirement should be moved to Known-good? The thought process behind requiring domains was to keep some sort of way to keep an open door on reversing back someone's identity without infringing on privacy. As of right now, domain information is obtainable if demanded by a subpoena. This would hence prevent any identity from being exposed unless a crime has been committed, to which a proper identity -- the court of law -- would be decisive in allowing the information to be back-tracked.

Will you commit a response time? For example, 48 hours or 72 hours.
Of course. My schedule is from 8am (GMT+1) to 10pm (GMT+1). My response time will be of around 12-24h, but on far end scenarios can elevate up to 48h. I sincerely doubt I'll be out of touch for more than 72h unless the identity being verified desires to attain a known-good status, in which I'll have to start the procedure which could take a bit more. The first contact will always be sub 48h.

How much verification fee will you take?
This is quite an interesting question. It's entirely up to how much effort/how many demands are being asked. I advocate to keep the fee as low as possible: after all, I'm doing this to help Phala grow, not for my own self interests, however if the demand starts to become out of hand, I will have to increase it. I will notify the council for any increase, with proper justification being provided. The initial fee will be the same as Marvin's, which is 5 PHA.

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@Ghast Thanks for the detailed answers. It sounds a good plan for me.


I strongly suggest the people who voted for Nay to address your concerns. This will help the community to grow.


You have set protected Tweets in your twitter and only have one post on your blog. So I know very little about you.

Also, you made a mistake on the chain:

The earliest extrinsic in your account is only 46 days ago.

It's hard for me to FULLY trust you if you're a registrar.

In other words, to me, you are only better than "reasonable", not enough to be a "known good".


Hiya! Thank you so much for the feedback. I really appreciate the constructive criticism.

A lot of the points you've argued are very much true, and I do in-fact understand where you're coming from. Phala's however still quite a nascent project, with Khala only releasing about a month ago. I understand how longevity is a criteria pertaining to reputation. I'll be sticking around for some bit in the Phala community for a while and see how things go. As for my protected twitter, feel free to follow it, I'm just not keen on letting crawler bots cache my social medias.

Hope that partially clarifies some of the points made.
I wish you a fantastic weekend,

  • Thibaut


“Phala's however still quite a nascent project, with Khala only releasing about a month ago.”
What you said makes me think you know very little about phala now.

Khala already released more than 8 months, I have been mining from the beginning. The APR was very low at the time, but I still kept mining.

To me, you're one of those players who was attracted by the high APR from the Gemini upgrade. It's hard to say if you'll be able to stick with the job when the APR gets lower.

As in your document, a "known good" should be +3 months of account lifetime. You should be able to satisfy this yourself first.