Treasury proposal for Product Marketing & Growth Expenses

To meet Phala Network’s overall growth goals for 2023, the team invested heavily in product marketing and developer focused growth activities.
This proposal will summarize the latest investments to request funding from the Khala treasury.

Polygon DevX Global Tour EU and Americas Sponsorship

The DevX Global Tour is organized by Polygon, a many-headed hydra, coming to every major continent. It’s a global tour of guild events, regional hackathons and invite-only “Polygon Connects”.
The DevX Global tour focuses on web3 native builders from the Polygon and Ethereum builders community.

Recap on DevX Tour Europe

Over the past month, the Phala team proudly sponsored and joined 6 guild meet ups across Europe as part of the DevX Global EU Tour.
These EU guild meet ups were live events where devs showcased their expertise and ideas for groundbreaking decentralized apps. Attracting global participants, all were eager to influence the next tech revolution
In Amsterdam, Zagreb, London, Paris, Lisbon & Berlin, our team showcased technical capabilities of PhatContract and garnered great feedback.
Overall around thousand attendees were met in all cities, several deals were closed and around 100 new developer activities were tracked.

Lookout for DevX Tour Americas

Our team is diligently preparing the second part of the DevX Global Tour in the Americas (US & LATAM). Guild meetups across the continent will take place in the following cities: Atlanta, Boston, Miami, New York, SanFrancisco, Rio and Buenos Aires during mid of September.
In the Americas tour we are looking forward to participating in the online hackathon to reach thousands of Polygon and Ethereum developers to use Phala’s product releases.

Partnership with Developer DAO

Developer DAO is one of the most active web3 developer communities. With a developer first approach, this community holds over 10,000 members and over 80,000 followers.
Phala decided to work with Developer DAO to push the latest product releases of the LensAPI Oracle, Phat Functions and overall Phat Contract growth to a developer audience.
With this partnership we are growing the overall product reach and user expansion of our current product series.
Main perks of this partnership are two main hack challenges, where web3 native hackers are incentivized to deliver custom use cases based on the LensAPI Oracle as well as the Phat Functions.
Additionally, various web3 developer focused content will be created in the form of video creation, article publications, newsletter announcements, X-posts, and more.

TheDefiant Newsletter Sponsorship

The Defiant is the best DeFi and Web3 information platform. Since 2019, it has been producing independent journalism that keeps 300,000 investors informed every day. An “industry must-read” according to The New York Times, it produces high-quality and unbiased content daily, for a targeted crypto-native audience.
This newsletter has over 200,000+ subscribers across their publications, where they generate millions of views from a hardcore DeFi audiences, including YouTube, podcasts, email newsletters, and their website.
Some of the numbers can be found below:
100,000+ Twitter followers
80,000+ newsletter subscribers with a 40% open rate
60,000+ monthly podcast listeners
118,000+ youtube subscribers
2.5+ million unique visitors to our site annually

Phala has placed a sponsored post in the newsletter issue July 5th - July 8th 2023.
The content can still be found as long-term content on their website here.

The reimbursement budget for all the listed marketing and growth activities is the following:

Dates: July 5th - August 15th, 2023
1 PHA = EMA30 of 8/18 by subscan.io 0.096 USD
Sum of activities in USD: 76,500 USD
Sum of activities in PHA: 791,827

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