Treasury proposal #75 - Phala at Korea Blockchain Week from June 1st to 10th.

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Date: 1/6-10/6, 2023
Requested allocation: 62881 USD = PHA ( $0.1049, 7 days avg price in CMC)
Proposal details

Overview Of the Events

1/6 - 4/6, ETHSeoul

ETH Seoul is a festival for builders in the Ethereum ecosystem for the Korean and global community. It’s first time for Phala team visit Seoul for developer events.

The team met some great potential partners in the ETHSeoul for Phat Contract. Like Flashbot team who is doing research for SGX solution which we will meet at ETHCC in Paris again.

Briefly recap

80% of the ETHSeoul are developers, and 20% left are marketing and business.
Eth devs believe that the best Ethereum events are the hackathons for developers at EthGlobal and the technical discussions for Ethereum at EthCC and EthDenver, which we will join.
No new stories happen, still around AA, ZK, DID, and the “BOS” concept from the Near team.
The projects from Near, Sol, and Cosmos got the presentation chance in ETH events, but no Polkadot ecosystem which seems a little disappointing.

6/6 - 7/6, Buidl ASIA

Hosted by KryptoSeoul, BUIDL Asia is a technical conference dedicated to sharing technical and business developments in the crypto space and highlighting solid projects and players in the industry. Since 2018, BUIDL Asia is the ultimate opportunity to interact among builders and to find diverse opportunities in terms of business development, employment, and insight sharing.

Phala team shares what is Phala and Phat Contract at the booth.

And It’s the 1st time we make a public speech for when we launched the programmable oracle - LensAPI Oracle.

Phala tech workshop at Buidl Asia 2023.

6/8-6/9, HackaDOT

It’s the 1st time Polkadot host a hackathon in South Korea. There were 8 teams joining the final presentation stage. Wenfeng, the core developer from Phala is one of the mentors for HackaDOT with Moonbeam and Astar team and other founders came from South Korean companies.
Wenfeng also joined the panel discussion at the HackaDOT after-party.

What we have learnt from the whole South Korea Tour

  1. Game is a trend in the East Asia Market; Most of them will attend IVC conf in Japan later
    If you want to expand the market in Korea, collaborate with a game company first - suggestions from the local community;
  2. The developer community in Korea is very active, with Solana, SUI, Aptos, and Near all attracting developers from top Korean universities.
  3. There are over 10 Korean universities that offer blockchain-related courses, and universities also support developers in entrepreneurship.
  4. The locals are very unfamiliar with the Polkadot ecosystem.

Expenses in South Korea

The costs here include airfare, hotel, and transportation for Phala team members. Details are in the table below.

1 PHA = 0.1049 USD based on the 7-day average price on CMC.

Expenses List
Item USD
Flight 1017
Hotel 4625
Brochure 221
Transportation 333
VISA 347
Phone card 54
Total 6597

Total 62881 PHA

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