Closed Beta Rewards Application - treasury proposal #74

Requested: 206547.558 PHA

Idea: Closed Beta rewards


Phat Contract Closed Beta is launched before the release of Phat Contract on Phala mainnet. The aim of it is to monitor the experience of developers, identify any potential issues, and then address them in order to improve the quality of our service.

Both Phala's partner projects and individual developers are involved in this test. For test rewards, the prize pool is $10000 PHA in total; for innovation rewards, $5000 - 10000 PHA for each project.

Phala proposes a Closed Beta prize pool to encourage engagement, and this repository is for individual developers to submit their projects to win the rewards.

According to the GitHub submissions and the reward claim records, as well as based on Closed Beta rules, there are 8 participants who meet with Test Rewards requirements, and each of them will get 5737.37 PHA. For the 2 Innovation Rewards participants, each of them will get 51636.89 PHA. Kindly check the details below:

Name Github link Awards Rewards Assets Address
tioneb https://github.com/Phala-Network/closed-beta-submission/issues/2 Test 5737.37 PHA 425zcwvAp2TbQ7TxkuDfu8niRgC4xPfmrCLgNgfhDWe7DSnX
Arno https://github.com/Phala-Network/closed-beta-submission/issues/1 Test 5737.37 PHA 44siNV2pbrTSwiL3KdT4VVC1yqcSvfGzxcd7rHMD1cgQnjcn
Janema https://github.com/Phala-Network/closed-beta-submission/issues/8 Test 5737.37 PHA 41owbtwKf7dfZxEfdfhRfey4uGLkg8V9iLG74ZhTQnMnsAwA
GuiGou https://github.com/Phala-Network/closed-beta-submission/issues/7 Test 5737.37 PHA 428Hd45Yn648kZmt5zY5R1hgMofr9qfDP1YpwhUrrNwtSDZ6
Oliver Soptq https://github.com/Phala-Network/closed-beta-submission/issues/4 Test 5737.37 PHA 45NAoz4deiVVYbnAtGXTHQua4JCTJEErMa7N5SxK1jAw4Geo
ricardo-eth https://github.com/Phala-Network/closed-beta-submission/issues/5 Test 5737.37 PHA 44bs42DpuJZeQ3LhgSNjEd2FLhH7to39CcwzRmnzz4GLKnez
Entity54 https://github.com/Phala-Network/closed-beta-submission/issues/3 Test 5737.37 PHA 41Me3Pt7qhAEupeF6ZB2coC2coN3ENBpYJuMvALXz86HXqTe
Rom1io https://github.com/Phala-Network/closed-beta-submission/issues/6 Test 5737.37 PHA 452MR4QcVhtwjgvnw32U5A4YSxos2SVryzQ7sXYVMKSx9vy6
tioneb https://github.com/Phala-Network/closed-beta-submission/issues/9 Innovation 51636.89 PHA 44ZcCH962Wv2vpw9uFhGZSAsQb5AixbMARpiVDH24jXT6LHm
Entity54 https://github.com/Phala-Network/closed-beta-submission/issues/10 Innovation 51636.89 PHA 41Me3Pt7qhAEupeF6ZB2coC2coN3ENBpYJuMvALXz86HXqTe

Total: 149172.74 PHA for this batch of rewards.

Test rewards participants who have not yet claimed can still claim your rewards before July 20th CET 23:59. The rest of PHA will be used to support Phat campaigns.

This vote has been closed.
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Happy to support this proposal and all closed beta users/tester

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